The Guild of Saint Augustine is based in Southern California, but we draw our players from a wide geographical area as well as from diverse professional and personal backgrounds.Our Guild is both a hobby and a passion for us.We play at approximately six Renaissance Faires per year, ranging from Fresno and San Diego, California to Las Vegas, Nevada.We also play at private events.


Our schedule is busy and our standards are high.Our members put in hours of sewing, painting, and maintenance on our clothes, props, and sets as well as on historical research on our characters.But, we recognize that a Guild without new members quickly becomes an empty set:

Sad, isnít it?


The Guild of Saint Augustine welcomes new players to join us in bringing a taste of the glittering Court of the Tudor Monarchs to our patrons.We invite new members who are experienced players and we especially welcome complete novices.We provide mentoring for our new members and a welcome to a true mental vacation each time we enter our world of the Sixteenth Century.


For more information, please contact us at or at


Thank you for your interest.


That looks fun, doesnít it?

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